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April 3, 2004

To make it a little easier to surf my video highlights, I've now subdivided them into three sections -- Toronto, International and Music.

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International Salsa Congress Shows

Chicago Salsa Congress -- February 2002
- Frankie & Aisha - Palomilla
- Matrix by Abakua - The Finale

Puerto Rico Salsa Congress, July 2002
- Nelson Flores Social Dancing
Frankie Social Dancing at the Puerto Rico
- Frankie Social Dancing at the Puerto Rico, part 2
- Kids Social Dancing -- A Must See!

2002 West Coast Salsa Congress, LA

Caribbean Soul - Part 1 (NJ)
Descarga Latina (NY)
Royalty Salsa
Los Rumberos (LA)
LA Salsa Kids
Juan Matos - Shines

2000 Salsaweb Convention Highlights in Toronto
DC Salseros
Carribean Soul doing Shines
Shine Showdown

International Shows or Competition Highlights

Dance Away from the Norm Social, NYC - March, 2003
- Silly Highlights with Caribbean Soul
- Taima Dance Company (with Griselle Ponce)


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Dec/2002 - Ahhh... a new computer and new video software!
Feb/2002 - When I splurged (wondering if I was doing the right thing) and bought a digi camcorder along with my digi-camera -- I didn't realize how versatile and flexible it could be until I tried making some videoclips with the help of Orville Small of Salsation! What was I thinking?! Rose Knows